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Acro Ventures Solutions:
Acro Ventures Knowledge Management Benchmark Research Practice Venture Solution. we suggest production management solution, new products development, OEM and PMO solution,NPI and PLM product manufacturing solution [MES/OEM/PLM/TK/NPI/CAD/CAM/CP] turn key and computer programming solutions and more and more manufacturing and development solutions.

Global manufacturing solutions:
Acro Ventures Offers business solutions to large engineering projects, Production lines worldwide that need to plan production, Engineering design and product development of large production lines, Production management solutions and manufacturing establishments subcontracting system (OEM) to Major product lines in Asia Pacific, Europe and the U.S. We offer solutions in the production assistance of manufacturers and factories that require a large production capacity allocation.
We do not offer Investments solutions (Boarding) And raising capital (Money) and investments solutions at all.

Management and development solutions for plants and start-ups:
Project management and project management solutions from the product stage to the exit stage.

Structured manufacturing programs Solutions [MES/OEM/PLM/TK/NPI/CAD/CAM/CP] From the planning stage to the implementation and launch of a product.
Production management solutions of large OEM manufactures

production floor management solution [Full Turnkey Projects] For enterprises that need large production lines.Project management solutions include (TK) from the design stage to the implementation and launch of the product.
Project management solutions(PMO) in managing and assimilating processes in the organization.
Engineering solutions in the field of packaging and assemblies in Israel and worldwide.
Development of new products Solutions in CP design and product design.
management of production OEM solutions in factories on a subcontracting platform.
Equipping, packaging, procurement distribution and logistics Solutions in Israel and worldwide.
Business management solutions for manufacturing companies and start-ups.
development of new laboratory products Solutions at work stations.
Recruiting senior executives and Head Hunting Solutions for leading companies in Israel and abroad.
Public relations and advertising for products Solutions in the industrial and high-tech sectors.
Research and development solutions at universities, technological incubators, hi-tech companies and start-up companies.

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Contact Information:
Yuval Leshem

Director, entrepreneur and founder
BA and MBA in Business Administration certified
Specializing: project management, financing and the capital market
Analysis of information systems or international marketing and advertising.

PO Box: 20383

Target: 2199151
Ramat Rabin

Direct: 972-054-2505011

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